Do atheists really need a go-to book? An Atheists Bible, so to speak? I believe Christopher Hitchens tends to think so, judging by his book The Portable Atheist: Essential Readings for the Nonbeliever.

Atheist Athletes So many athletes struggle in retirement … Years ago, while still playing in the NFL, Foster revealed he is an atheist. You can already guess how that went over on … An atheist is someone who doesn’t believe in the existence of God, while an agnostic believes nothing is known or can be known of
Atheist Ymca Atheist Charities Are More Generous than Religious … – Hmm, the Red Cross is 100 percent secular? The same Red Cross that was founded by Christian Jean-Henri Dunant? Yeah, you have a funny way of defining “Atheist Charity”. In this brief article, I, however, want to argue that atheism is perhaps the biggest blind leap

Taking things a step further, we hypothesized that because fundamentalists … became negative or positive following a violent versus prosocial biblical text …

Terminal 3’s event setup is unique. It takes place across two rooms. In one, …

Using irony and a healthy dose of playful sarcasm, Inside the Atheist Mind lampoons, teases, and deflates the atheist position, unmasking it for what it is.

Sam Harris vs. William Lane Craig debate review (part 1) – Sam Harris launched the New Atheism movement. William Lane Craig is a philosopher, historian, and expert debater for evangelical Christianity. Recently, they debated for the first time: video above, audio here.

An atheistic method for working the steps of Alcoholics Anonymous or NAAgnostic vs. atheist – Grammarist – An atheist lacks faith in God, believes there is no god, or lacks awareness of gods.An agnostic either believes that it is impossible to know whether there is a god or is noncommittal on the issue.

Religious leaders in Chicago are fighting to end a lawsuit filed by an atheist group …

Those are tasteful choices. Hocico’s Blashpemies from the Holy Land is an epic atheist album, but they only made a couple thousand copies (it is a life cd from Haifa, Israel).